by Shrubravo

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Debut solo album by Shrubravo.

Many thanks to:
Zack Aguirre, Mathew Rakers, Brenna Resnick, Spencer Tracton, Daniel Evanovich, Billy Petty, Ana Korol, Latifah Smith, Daniel Johnson, Jesse Kranzler, and to all the listeners out there who have allowed me to Approach them.


released February 17, 2017

Shrubravo: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Synthesizer, Electronic Drums, Recording
Zack Aguirre: Recording/Editing, Artwork, Photography and Co-Direction,
Vocals on "Approachable"
Ryan Waczek: Mixing and Mastering at
Mathew Rakers: Creative Consulting, Booking and Support
James Lake: Drums on ¿Quieres Surfear?
Spencer Tracton: Vocals on Potent



all rights reserved


Shrubravo San Diego, California

Shrubravo is many things: A lover, a thinker, a stinker, and above all, approachable. His debut album focuses on the latter of these as he attempts to construct his worldview through a light-hearted "approach" that deals with themes of lust, surfing, cookies, and the finer things in this crazy thing called life. ... more

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Track Name: What Good Is It?
What good is it?
To wake up so early?
Mornings seem sober
Waking up to the sounds of day
Rather lay in bed

Each day I wake at 8
Then fall asleep back at 10
Then don't wake up until 2, done it again
And I try very hard not to think what is wrong
With myself all the time, just some words, and some rhymes

Fruity loopies
Are all of the sustenance
I need to get by
Driving but with nowhere to go
No place to call home
Track Name: ¿Quieres Surfear?
¿Quieres surfear?
Yo quiero una chica que compran almendras por los niños pobres
Yo no soy un pinguino y no tengo sueños, solamente visiones
Track Name: Potent
Got a hold of me
and I'm torn
Baby can't you see?

That I swore
Not to let it get to me
Your sweet love
Still a potent memory
Track Name: Fortune Cookie
I've had my fortune told by a sorceress clad in gold
These days go by so slow just like an ocean liner high off the coast
Just too afraid to cry, hiding all the feelings inside
Just a little too real, can't even tell you how I really feel

La la la la la la, Come stick you finger in my marmalade
La la la la la la, Don't crash my party if you rain on parades
Hey, Rain on parades, La!

I have no self control, that's why I eat my dinners a-la-mode
Avocados and fries, the nightly meal of California guys
Just too busy to care, can't even change out of my underwear
Just too afraid to feel, a locomotive with the training wheels

La la la la la la, Come stick you finger in my marmalade
La la la la la la, Don't crash my party if you rain on parades
Hey, Rain on parades, La!
Track Name: Approachable
Why am I so approachable?
What is it about my face that makes people feel so comfortable?
Is it because they see a man with so much insecurity?
A man.

A man without any fucking clue
As to exactly what a well-adjusted human being's supposed to do
It's so easy to watch afar as someone else rips open all their scars
And wounds.

So why am I so damn approachable?
Is it because I see the glass as being both half-empty and half-full
Cause you can't have love without a little pain, to me it's all
The same.